Ashdown at the Guitar Showcase 2023: The LB 30 2.N bass amplifier – a fusion of classic valve tone and modern precision

by GuitarDomain

GUITAR SHOWCASE 2023: In the world of bass amplification, the Ashdown LB 30 2.N. stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of classic valve amp warmth and cutting-edge dynamic response technology. For contemporary bassists seeking an all-encompassing solution, this amplifier is the ultimate choice.

With a power rating of 30 watts, the LB 30 2.N. strikes a harmonious balance between power and portability. It’s ideal for small gigs, ensuring your audience enjoys the richness of your bass without being blown away. Plus, its design won’t break your back during transportation. The LB 30 2.N. boasts a preamp stage equipped with ECC83 and ECC82 tubes, featuring both Active and Passive gain inputs for versatile performance.

Ashdown has ensured that the LB 30 2.N. offers unparalleled tonal sculpting capabilities. The front panel proudly showcases Effects Send and Return, along with rotary controls for Bass, Hi & Lo Middle, Treble, Volume, and Gain Trim. 

(Image credit: Ashdown)

This comprehensive array of controls allows you to finely craft your bass tone to perfection. Additionally, the LB 30 2.N. features a balanced DI output, further enhancing its versatility.

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