“Tone is so important to me. Whenever I go to a show and there are good guitar sounds, I soak it in”: For Emily Wolfe, the tone is as important as the hooks – and her Epiphone signature model is key to her explosive sound

by GuitarDomain

With Emily Wolfe and Epiphone teaming up again for a new-look take on her Sheraton signature guitar – the White Wolfe – we take the opportunity to check in with one of guitar’s great mavens of tone.

Wolfe is a connoisseur, with a sound that takes the scenic route through rock ’n’ roll history and remixes and refreshes it anew for the 21st-century, leaning into the bountiful choice that guitar players have when choosing stompboxes, and using a well-stocked ‘board to shape her electric guitar tone – including a gain stage that features the full trifecta of fuzz, boost and overdrive pedals.

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