BOSS CB-BU 10 Utility Gig Bag

by GuitarDomain


As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 21 – Fall 2022

Whether heading to a gig, a rehearsal or going to a friend’s house to jam, musicians, like to bring certain equipment along that, is important for achieving their sound. BOSS has designed the CB-BU10 Utility Gig Bag, which is a backpack style for the musician on the go. This bag features plenty of compartments and pockets to organize any size of gear, from a laptop to a guitar pick.  

I had the opportunity to try this out on one of my gigs last weekend, and I had more than enough room to pack all the necessities that I needed as a guitarist. From a tablet all the way down to guitar picks, this bag offers more than ample storage with over ten different compartments of varying sizes. It’s made of durable Polyester and has a padded back and padded, adjustable straps for custom comfort. There was plenty of room for my tablet, cables, pedals, and microphone in this bag. BOSS has designed this bag to fit some models of BOSS multi-effect pedals, loop stations, and a strap to secure the BCB-1000 pedalboard.

The profile of this bag was very comfortable. I noticed that it is a little taller than most conventional backpacks without being overly wide. I really enjoyed the outside pockets that I used for a water bottle and the outer zipper pocket for my wallet and cell phone. Even with all the items I had with me, there was room for plenty more. I found this all to be very useful, not only for local gigs, but I’d love to try this bag out when I fly to gigs, which I do from time to time. All the compartments made for easy access to my items when I needed them. I didn’t have any tangled cable issues, and I could easily find my extra strings and picks quickly — as well as my car keys. The bottom of the bag features stout rubber feet that help the bag stand upright, as well as protect your contents from bottom impact.

This bag retails for around $119, which is a great deal for a high-quality bag. With all these pockets, I feel like I can add a few more items to my gig supply arsenal and still have plenty of room left. It is a much better option than the traditional school-type backpack because it is designed intentionally for musicians, and the pockets are sized for items musicians commonly carry. 

If keeping your gear organized and easy to transport on the go is important to you, then this is definitely worth checking out.

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