Gary Moore’s Bad Monkey is now on sale for $12,000 and JHS has debuted BM T-shirts. When will the Bad Monkey bubble burst?

by GuitarDomain

DigiTech’s once-obscure Bad Monkey overdrive has seen huge price inflation on the used market after it was tipped by JHS pedal guru, Josh Scott. Now a Bad Monkey once owned by British blues rock ace Gary Moore (opens in new tab) has hit Reverb for an asking price of $12,633. So how long can the bubble last?

If you’re catching up on the story, the scramble for the overdrive pedal began with a helpful clip from Josh Scott, in which he compared the cheap DigiTech pedal favorably with Klon’s near-mythical Centaur overdrive. Cue the out-of-production stompbox (which originally retailed for $59) appearing on used sites for asking prices north of $600.

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