Ease the strain on your back with these five lightweight alternatives to the Gibson Les Paul

by GuitarDomain

The hulking presence of Gibson’s renowned single cut cannot be denied. The Les Paul has been turning heads and melting faces since its release back in the late ’50s, with a who’s who of rock’s most celebrated ambassadors relying on the flame-topped beauty to deliver their signature riffs. However, while some players instantly fall for the Les Paul’s handsome good looks and endless sustain, others simply can’t see past its burdensome weight. Luckily, Guitar World is here with five lighter alternatives to the Gibson Les Paul to ensure you can still achieve this legendary tone without breaking your back! 

Of course, there are many guitars out there that come in considerably lighter than the Les Paul, but for this feature, we’re only concerned with guitars that give us the essence of the LP, just in a lighter format. We’ve hand-selected five fabulous guitars from Gibson, ESP, Gretsch, PRS and Duesenberg that all channel a little of that Les Paul spirit but in their own unique way. We’ve also been careful to cover a variety of price points as well, so regardless of your budget, you should find your LP substitute here – alternatively, if an LP is the guitar for you, check out our guide to the best Gibson Les Pauls

Why is the Les Paul so heavy?

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Unfortunately, the key to the Les Paul’s tonal success is also the thing that makes it problematic in the weight department. A sandwich of flame maple and mahogany make for a perfect pairing if you are looking for a rich and thunderous sound, but not so much if you have a fear of chiropractors. 

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