Steve Miller explains how he ended up getting guitar lessons from T-Bone Walker

by GuitarDomain

Steve Miller is best known as the creator of classic rock staples like The Joker, Fly Like an Eagle, Rock’n Me and Jungle Love. The Steve Miller Band’s Greatest Hits 1974-78 collection has sold more than 13 million copies, making it one of the top-selling rock albums of all time. But before all of that, Miller, who grew up in Dallas, began his career as a bluesman – and he is thoughtful and insightful about the music’s history.

Miller considers T-Bone Walker to be the father of modern blues guitar, and he has an extra-personal reason for making sure the Texas great’s legacy is properly respected: Walker was a family friend who taught the nine-year-old future legend his first licks. He was happy to share his thoughts about the blues icon.

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