Richie Ranno on auditioning for Ozzy Osbourne, how a uniquely inlaid Strat helped rename Starz and why “there is no future” for the influential hard-rock outfit

by GuitarDomain

As a proverbial bridge-builder between the ’70s and ’80s, Starz’s Stratocaster-wielding axe-slinger Richie Ranno proved pivotal to the trajectory of hard rock and heavy metal. But as a kid, the East Coast native could never have imagined the wild ride he was about to embark on via his guitar-related exploits.

“My passion for guitar started early,” recounts Ranno. “I always loved surf rock and like many kinds. I saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show, and I was instantly hooked. Playing music seemed like this mythical thing to me, but once I had a guitar in my hands, there was nothing else I wanted to do.”

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