Manson Meta MBM-2 P-90 and MBM-2SF review

by GuitarDomain

“The Meta series don’t always have all the electronics built-in, but I’m hoping that if our collaboration with Cort goes deeper, we might be able to get some guitars with some of the more special effects stuff built-in.” That’s what Matt Bellamy told us when we spoke to him back in 2020. Two years on, and the Muse frontman-turned-guitar-brand-director has clearly settled into his role off-stage. 

Manson Guitar Works enlisted the help of Cort Guitars to carry out the build of its first affordable design, the MBC-1 in 2015. Next came the Meta MBM-1, and now we arrive at the latest updates in the Matt Bellamy signature guitar range, the Meta MBM-2. There are four models on offer: the neck P-90 loaded MBM-2, humbucker/Sustainiac-equipped MBM-2S, the Z.Vex Fuzz Factory-loaded MBM-2F, and the top-level MBM-2SF with a Sustainiac and a Fuzz Factory built in! 

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