Best guitar cleaning kits and tools 2022

by GuitarDomain

When you start playing the guitar, you might be aiming towards playing live with a band, or recording your own music in a studio. What you might not think about is cleaning and tinkering with your guitar, however it is an important part of being a guitar player. To keep your pride and joy in the best condition possible, you’ll want to invest in one of the best guitar cleaning kits in your tool bag for regular upkeep and maintenance.

There is a range of tools, cleaning solutions, cloths and all sorts of other paraphernalia out there that can help you keep your guitar looking great, but also playing and sounding as good as it possibly can. The best guitar cleaning kits will mean that when it comes to restringing your guitar, or tweaking the action (that is, the height of the strings from the fingerboard) and intonation, or just giving it a good polish, you’ve got everything you need to do a proper job. 

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