Solar Guitars debuts signature model for Coroner guitarist Tommy Vetterli, the Type A1.6Coroner

by GuitarDomain

Solar Guitars, the brand established by Ola Englund, has announced a new Tommy Vetterli signature model, the Type A1.6Coroner.

Vetterli is a respected producer and engineer, but is perhaps best known in his role as guitarist for the Swiss thrash metal band Coroner. As such, his signature guitar is an uncompromising metal monster.

The most obvious and striking features on the A1.6Coroner are the, frankly, viciously sculpted points on the guitar’s horns. It’s a standard feature of the Type A Solar body, but the matte black finish somehow makes them seem meaner here.

(Image credit: Solar Guitars)

They look like they could have the eyes out of uncautious head bangers, but then we assume a level of mild peril is, er, the point. 

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