Remember that guy who made a guitar out of his uncle’s skeleton? Now he’s built a toilet in the shape of Lars Ulrich

by GuitarDomain

Remember Prince Midnight, who made an electric guitar out of his dead uncle’s skeleton? Well, it turns out that macabre six-string wasn’t just a one-off creative endeavor, as the DIY-savvy musician has just revealed his latest bizarre build: a toilet featuring a life-sized clay replica of Lars Ulrich. Yep, you read that right.

Built as part of the eccentric inventor’s new plumbing company, Hellmouth Plumbing Supply, the toilet is fully functional, and allows the user to sit in the legendary Metallica drummer’s lap while they, er, do their business.

(Image credit: Prince Midnight)

And if for whatever reason you want to try the toilet out for yourself, it’ll be publicly usable in the bathroom of Tampa, Florida venue The Brass Mug on December 3, as part of Hellmouth Plumbing Supply’s upcoming “immersive art experience” there. Prince Midnight’s band – Prince Midnight and the Searing Torment – are also set to perform.

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