Electric Guitar History

Electric Guitar History takes us to 1930, where after being fired by National String Instrument Company, George Beauchamp began looking for new ways to increase the volume of the guitar. It was common knowledge by this time that passing a wire through a magnetic field produced a change in magnetic field intensity which in turn could be used to create a changing electric current in a properly coupled coil of wire. This same principal was the basis for electric motors, generators, phonograph needles, acoustical speakers, and many of the other products being developed and marketed at this time.


Guitar Chord Charts

Below is a great list of FREE GUITAR CHORD CHARTS. These GUITAR CHORD CHARTS are easy to read and understand. With quality practice time they should help you in your quest to learn and memorize new guitar chords. Keep in mind, the more guitar chords you can learn and play, the more versatile a player you will become! This is so important when searching for musicians to jam with, auditioning for bands, studio work, or just becoming a well-rounded player. Now, on with the Free GUITAR CHORD CHARTS! Enjoy them and Good Luck!


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