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Here you will find great GUITAR TIPS and ADVICE for beginner Guitar Players and anyone looking for info on Guitar! Learn more about the guitar and how to care for it. How to tune it, or change guitar strings. Basic guitar care and much more. This page will be updated frequently to rotate New GUITAR TIPS on a regular basis so be sure to check back often! Now On with The Guitar Tips…

Tips On buying a Guitar- It depends how much can you spend…Spend as much as you can afford to: please keep in mind that you’re going to spend a lot of time practicing, and if you enjoy your instrument, you’ll look forward to practice. It’s your time being spent on practicing that is really important (to enjoy the instrument, not to add the extra burden of a lousy guitar.) Very cheap guitars are almost always very bad guitars! And nobody likes to play a bad guitar and a beginner will end of never playing it! - If you’re just wanting to play around the campfire and for casual fun at home, perhaps a steel string acoustic would be best. If you’re wanting to study music with guitar as your instrument through school or a college this would be a good option as well. - If you’re wanting to become a professional rock musician: Your first purchase would be an electric guitar. The good news is that once you can play one type of guitar, you can play any type of guitar – nothing changes with regards to chords and scales. - For parents that want to buy a guitar for their child:Consider purchasing a half size, or 3/4 size guitar – which are often a lot cheaper too. Younger children also often find electric guitars easier to play due to the small neck and the very light thin strings, so if your budget allows and your child really enjoys music that uses electric guitar, consider this option seriously.

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