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If you are like most guitar players you can never get enough of the guitar. Guitar Player Magazines are the ultimate source for guitar info! The new guitarists and new gear that you need to check out. Top Songs that you want to play. Not to mention some FREE lessons, advice, and playing tips. Most Guitar players I know like to subscribe to 2 or 3 of them because they are all well written and very informative. I get them all and really enjoy reading them. As a Guitar Player it’s important that you stay up to date and informed on all that is going on in the world of the guitar and these Guitar Player Magazines are the best way to do it! **NEW** Tell us what you want! Take the Survey at the bottom of this page!  

Guitar Player Magazineicon For serious guitarists who want to become better, more informed players. Each issue is fiercely dedicated to stylistic diversity in its coverage of music, artists, and guitar gear. It’s also one of the most popular Guitar Player Magazines.

Guitar Oneicon Magazine is my personal favorite Guitar Player Magazine. It’s the magazine you can play! Up to 6 great guitar tunes in every issue-FREE! Plus tons of equipment reviews, interviews with your favorite artists, lessons, guitar chord tabs, and more! It’s the perfect guitar magazine for players of ALL levels, beginners to pro. It offers something for everyone! If you can only afford to subscribe to one guitar player magazine, this is the one to get!

Acoustic Guitaricon is also a very good Guitar Player Magazine. The only resource you’ll need for the best and hottest Acoustic Rock, Folk, Jazz, gear and lessons. Plus all of the top Acoustic Guitar Players, songs and interviews.

Bass Guitar Player Magazineicon A magazine for serious musicians who play electric and acoustic bass. Each issue features how-to-articles on technique, interviews with leading musicians, and reviews of bass equipment, instructional videos, books and CDs. This is a MUST have for every Bass Player! 

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