Focusrite at the Guitar Showcase 2023: Introducing Scarlett 4th Gen – the perfect interface for the guitarist

by GuitarDomain

GUITAR SHOWCASE 2023: What do guitarists need from an interface?  Great feel and sound? Low latency? Plug and play simplicity? Automatic level control? A full software suite? It’s all here. The latest generation world’s best-selling audio interface is designed to deliver the perfect compact audio interface experience for the guitarist and songwriter.

Feels just like an amp

Guitarists have often had to compromise when plugging into interfaces – they just don’t feel ‘right’. The Hi-Z instrument inputs of Scarlett feel just like plugging into an amp; clear, tight and super responsive. Because every detail is captured, Scarlett’s Hi-Z inputs deliver stunning performance with modern amp sims, and sound great for DI’d electro-acoustics.

The power of the preamp

At the heart of any audio interface is the mic preamp – it’s what captures the nuances of the sound source. The Scarlett 4th Gen preamp features a massive 69dB* gain range, more than enough to capture everything from the softest finger-picked acoustic passage to a screaming mic’d-up amp.

(Image credit: Focusrite)

Air Mode for big console sound

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