Meet the NUX Trident, a next-level guitar processor that’s “portable, powerful and chock full of modern and classic tones”

by GuitarDomain

In the market for a next-level guitar processor that’s portable and powerful and chock full of modern and classic tones? Look no further than NUX’s mind-bogglingly flexible Trident. As Guitar World Tech Editor Paul Riario says, the Trident is “the next step up from NUX’s popular integrated guitar processor floorboard, the Cerberus, boasting comprehensive guitar modeling and also existing as a full-fledged guitar rig for live use and the studio.”

The Trident offers a wide array of onboard effects and numerous sound sculpting parameters, and is equipped with NUX’s powerful, updated TS/AC-4K White-box Amp Modeling Algorithm, which promises to supply emulations of numerous amp models.  

According to NUX, the new TSAC-4K algorithm is twice as complex as previous versions, and works alongside analog circuits to achieve “a clear sound with low noise levels.” And just like their real counterparts, these amp models – 27 in all, with a range of Marshall, Fender, Matchless, Hiwatt, Roland and other classic brands – boast high/low inputs, four inputs for patch cable jumping, toggle switches for voicing and other tone-tweaking extras.  “All of this translates to a more dynamic feel and playability and realism in both amp and cab sounds,” Paul says.

(Image credit: NUX)

The Trident is loaded with 27 cab IRs that can be altered via four microphone models and three positions, and additional IRs can be added courtesy of the Trident edit software. Other features include 11 modulations, three delays and four reverb effects, ten independent moveable signal blocks, 1024 samples IR resolution, real-knob adjusting for effects and amp models, 96 preset slots and a 30-second phrase looper that can be placed either Pre or Post within the signal path.

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