Learn Jazz Guitar in 10 Easy Steps feat. “Just Friends” Standard

by GuitarDomain

One of the hardest parts of learning jazz guitar is developing a strong foundation in music theory. This includes understanding concepts like chord progressions, scales, and modes, as well as being able to apply these concepts to jazz music specifically. Jazz music can be harmonically complex, and developing a solid understanding of theory is essential to playing the genre well. Frank Vignola‘s Jazz Standard Learning System series does just that, take all these concepts and distill them into teachable bites in the form of standards.

What is Frank Vignola‘s 10-Step Learning System for Jazz Standards on Guitar?

”The best way to learn how to play jazz guitar is learning how to play jazz standards. The more you expand your repertoire, the more your knowledge and technique will advance. Over the years, I’ve developed a 10-Step approach that not only works very effectively for my students — I use it myself every time I learn a new song!” – Frank Vignola

  1. Learn the Basic Chords to the Song
  2. Learn the Melody to the Song
  3. Comping Approach for the Song 1
  4. Comping Approach for the Song 2
  5. Embellishing the Melody for the Song 1
  6. Embellishing the Melody for the Song 2
  7. Finding Scale Connections
  8. Soloing Approaches for the Song 1
  9. Soloing Approaches for the Song 2
  10. Chord Melody Arrangement for the Song

Jazz Standard Learning System: Just Friends

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