Way Huge celebrates 30 years of pedalboard goodness with the WM23 Smalls Red Llama overdrive

by GuitarDomain

Way Huge has brought back its Red Llama overdrive pedal to celebrate its 30th anniversary. A ‘90s classic, the Red Llama was the first pedal to come off the Way Huge production line in 1992. 

The WM23 Smalls Red Llama arrives in a smaller housing, with modern components replicating the original’s CMOS-based circuit, but Way Huge promises all the same great drive tones and touch sensitivity of the original. 

The Red Llama is aptly named. Its sound is warm, textured, a little wooly but also quite feisty too. “It dishes out delicious harmonic overdrive, reminiscent of a crunchy tweed amp, and offers a wide array of tones ranging from soft and cuddly to burly and brutal,” says Way Huge.

(Image credit: Jim Dunlop)

This dynamic response, allied to a wide range of gain, makes the Red Llama an appropriate choice for many kinds of musical situations, and all kinds of electric guitars. Little wonder it was so popular. You would have found one on Tom Petty’s ‘board. 

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