Flock of Dimes’ Jenn Wasner: “I’m such a fan of altered tunings. That’s one of my favorite things about guitar – the malleability of it”

by GuitarDomain

The term ‘isolation’ has taken on visceral meaning for many amid the pandemic. In early 2020, Jenn Wasner – the guitar talent and songwriter behind Wye Oak – found herself dealing with the compound impacts of a painful breakup, the sudden solitude of her home in the North Carolina woods, plus the existential crisis that faced all musicians, as touring became a memory. 

For Wasner, as for many of us, it created the space for some awkward, long-ignored personal questions to rear their heads. She reacted, almost instinctively, by writing music – emerging from this somewhat challenging transformation with a new solo album (under her Flock of Dimes moniker), Head Of Roses

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