Architects’ Adam Christianson: “We wanted to start fresh and try some new things”

by GuitarDomain

Ask any metalcore diehard which bands are best serving the genre today, and they’ll almost certainly respond with… Well, from experience, a bunch of weird, niche acts their housemates’ cousins and such play in, who barely have a fanbase outside their hometown. But they’ll throw in some big names too – and one of those is virtually guaranteed to be Architects. Thanks to their eight universally adored albums and a touring regimen that’s seen them smash out approximately two bazillion shows in the past decade, the UK-native shredlords have built a community of fans as devoted as they are determined; if there’s just one thing that goes harder than the band’s tunes, it’s their mosh pits. 

With album number nine on the horizon, fears of the quintet running out of steam are admittedly justified – how long, after all, can the one band stay thrashing out to their hearts’ content on just a consistent basis before they hit a ruinous burnout? Yet somehow, Architects are as sharp as they’ve ever been – For Those That Wish To Exist features some of the band’s most exciting and ambitious music to date, lacquering onto their time-tested base of punishing breakdowns and red-hot solos a mountain of cinematic strings, crunchy synths, blistering drum beats and soul-stirring keys. It’s balls-to-the-wall heavy, as you’d expect, but it’s also nuanced and layered in such a way that proves Architects are still earnestly devoted to refining their craft, no matter how perfect it already may have been. 

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