Top 10 Lessons of 2020

by GuitarDomain

Grateful Dead-Style Solo Tricks

By Michael Palmisano
Learn how to connect triads in the style of Grateful Dead legends Jerry Garcia and John Mayer.

Rethinking the Blues Scale

By Shawn Persinger
There’s way more than blues-rock fodder buried in the crevices of the most overused scale in music.

Spice Up Your Cowboy Chords

By Shawn Persinger
Just because you live on the low end of the fretboard doesn’t mean you can’t add melodic and harmonic interest to your progressions.

Pentatonic Escape Routes

By Paul DePauw
Don’t be a prisoner of the pentatonic box. Time to break out!

Walking the Blues

By Jason Beaudreau
Eight ways to add excitement to your blues rhythms.

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