Morton Pedalboards Introduces Customizable Pedalboard System

by GuitarDomain

Seattle, WA (November 26, 2020) — Morton’s new product line solves some of the most enduring issues in the current pedalboard landscape. The modular parts mount together for simple expansion and reconfiguration of your setup. Need a moderate, reliable setup for live shows, but want to add pedals for studio sessions? Want to experiment with different signal chains and pedal layouts? Wish you had a tiered board, where the back row of pedals sits higher for easy access?

With 18 unique parts and a standard mounting system, you can build a layout that meets all of your specific needs. The days of buying a new board when you are out of real estate are over!


  • 18 unique parts with varying sizes and angles
  • Seamless mounting with standard ¼” diameter hardware
  • Slots in the side of each part for organized cable routing
  • Adaptability for any power supply on the market
  • Durable, lightweight Aluminum construction and Industrial Grey Anodized finish

Each part in the Morton Pedalboards lineup is designed and tested to meticulous specification, for the most demanding guitarists and their ever-evolving pedal setups.

For more information:
Morton Pedalboards

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