Hatebreed: “People will definitely be surprised when they hear some of the songs on this album”

by GuitarDomain

With an average output of one album every 3.25 years, Connecticut punk crew Hatebreed know the value of taking one’s time on a project – even if said project exists in a genre not typically known for meticulous attitudes. Whilst many of their contemporaries have catalogues deep in the double-digits, Hatebreed have just gifted us their eighth full-length: the trench-deep, molasses-dark Weight Of The False Self. Its quality is a testament to the time and effort Jamey Jasta and co. sunk into its inception – there’s plenty of the Hatebreed flavour we know and love to savour, but an incredible wealth of stylistic fermentation and exploration as well.

Australian Guitar caught up with lead guitarist Wayne Lozinak to vibe on the record, and learned that in addition to a crunchier and more metal-centric feel, the band aimed to nail some rather impressive feats with the amp selection utilised on LP8.

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