Line 6 releases “game-changing” Helix 3.0 update with exhaustive array of new features

by GuitarDomain

Line 6 has announced Helix firmware 3.0, the most comprehensive update for its Helix family of multi-effects and amp modelers yet.

Users are already praising the update as “game-changing” thanks to its wealth of new features, including polyphonic octave tracking and true preset spillover, plus a raft of new effects and amps.

(Image credit: Line 6)

New amps and cabs include the US Princess, based on the Fender Princeton Reverb, complete with 1×12/1×10 cabs; plus two models based on the Mega and Lead channels of the Diezel VH4.

There’s a dizzying array of new effects on offer, ranging from models of the Boss HM-2, Horizon Precision Drive and several vintage fuzz units, to five new polyphonic pitch models and a glitch delay.

Line 6 Helix

(Image credit: Line 6)

Here’s the full list, taken from Line 6’s release notes:

  • Horizon Drive – based on the Horizon Devices Precision Drive. Includes an extra Gate Range parameter that, when set to “Extended,” drops the gate’s threshold down to -90dB
  • Swedish Chainsaw – based on the BOSS HM-2 Heavy Metal Distortion (Made in Japan black label)
  • Pocket Fuzz – based on the Jordan Boss Tone fuzz
  • Bighorn Fuzz – based on the 1973 Electro-Harmonix Ram’s Head Big Muff Pi
  • Ballistic Fuzz – based on the Euthymia ICBM fuzz
  • Horizon Gate – based on the Horizon Devices Precision Drive’s gate circuit. Includes an extra Gate Range parameter that, when set to “Extended,” drops the gate’s threshold down to -90dB.
  • Acoustic Sim – based on the BOSS AC-2 Acoustic Simulator. Includes an extra Shimmer parameter that imparts some motion to the harmonics, reminiscent of how a string’s vibration tends to affect the other strings. Can be used alone or in conjunction with an acoustic IR
  • Poly Detune – Line 6 Original. Great for those who want to avoid traditional chorus pedals
  • Poly Sustain – Line 6 Original infinite sustain with a modulated poly pitch engine built in
  • Glitch Delay – Line 6 Original performance delay that lets you freely manipulate the repeats’ behavior in real-time
  • Poly Pitch – Line 6 Original
  • Poly Wham – Line 6 Original. Automatically assigned to EXP 1 and the toe switch toggles it on and off.
  • Poly Capo – Line 6 Original. A Simpler version of Poly Pitch when you just want to transpose your playing.
  • 12 String – Line 6 Original 12-string guitar emulation
  • Stereo Imager – Line 6 Original. Used to increase the apparent stereo width of your signal when connecting Helix to two amps or a stereo playback system
  • Shuffling Looper

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