Bibi McGill: “Every night before I went on stage with Beyoncé, I meditated until it was just me and the guitar“

by GuitarDomain

Bibi McGill is at home in Portland, Oregon. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, gigging is currently not on her schedule. Originally based in Denver, Colorado, she has spent the best part of her working life on the road, first as a guitarist then latterly as a certified yoga instructor. 

After moving to LA in the 80s, she played the regular club gig circuit for many years before eventually being plucked from the crowd to join Pink on her rise to global stardom. The moment Bibi stepped foot on stage for her live TV debut with Pink’s band she became one of the most in-demand guitarists among her peers…

I went from having an amp behind me – like when I hit a chord, I felt it – to my amp being about 100ft away under the stage

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