Sick Riffs: Quinn DeVeaux teaches you the soulful acoustic chord progression of Been Too Long

by GuitarDomain

Sick Riffs #119: If you’re looking for an all-killer/no-filler album of guitar-driven soul music, look no further than Quinn DeVeaux’s suitably titled 2020 album, Book of Soul. From start to finish, it’s brimming with tastefully placed, brilliantly dialed-in electric guitar parts, as well as gorgeous vocal harmonies and even the occasional piano solo.

Its opener, Been Too Long, sets the stage for the rest of record to come, with its instantly catchy chord progression, infectious lead vocals and high-spirited arrangement. DeVeaux joins us in today’s episode of Sick Riffs to teach you the track’s intro riff and chord progression. All you’ll need’s an acoustic guitar, so pick up that strummer and play along.

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