Get ready to rage with the Dunlop Tom Morello Cry Baby wah

by GuitarDomain

Prepare to bust out your Bulls on Parade covers: Dunlop has announced a limited-edition Tom Morello Cry Baby wah pedal.

The new model boasts a custom red enclosure adorned with a red star on the foot pad and side quotes selected by Morello himself: “You don’t need a weapon when you were born one,” and “Sometimes history needs a push.”

According to Dunlop, the guitarist chose the quotes to “highlight the battle for justice that he’s dedicated his craft and career to.”

(Image credit: Jim Dunlop)

Outside of the red enclosure and quotes, the pedal’s specs mirror those of the Cry Baby GCB95, a mainstay of Morello’s rig that he has used on “every album and every tour through his career,” Dunlop says.

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