Sick Riffs: Adam Bell and Ross McLennan teach you the fiendishly brutal verse riff of Viscera’s Obsidian – with tab!

by GuitarDomain

Sick Riffs #74: UK upstarts Viscera – formed of ex-members of Heart of a Coward, Sylosis and Abhorrent Decimation – have quickly become a prominent name in the extreme-metal scene, touring with genre giants Decapitated, Beyond Creation, Ingested and Lorna Shore earlier this year, until the COVID-19 pandemic abruptly cut the run short.

The tour was in support of the band’s monstrous debut record Obsidian, which features ultra-low drop-tunings and sonic dissonance aplenty – enough to gain any extreme metal fan’s stamp of approval.

Guitarists Adam Bell and Ross McLennan join us today to play through the verse riff of the album’s title cut, and have even provided the tabs below! You’ll need to tune your seven-string down to GDGCFAD (low to high).

(Image credit: Viscera)

McLennan plays a Carillion Enigma 7-string electric guitar through a Line 6 Helix amp modeler, while Bell plays Ernie Ball Music Man JP12 through a Fractal Audio Axe-Fx.

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