Quilter Labs’ OverDrive 202 is a 200W, 2-channel amp that can fit in the pocket of your gigbag

by GuitarDomain

Quilter Labs has unveiled the OverDrive 202 Series Block, an upgrade of the company’s OverDrive 200 miniature 200-watt, three-pound guitar amp head.

The new unit takes the “built from the ground up” 200-watt Class D power amp design from the Tone Block 202 and adds two switchable channels and three new voices with their own overdrive channel, reverb, limiter and a cabinet simulated line out.

The three voices range from the newly enhanced Quilter “Full Q” on voice 1, to the “bell-like” harmonically rich voice 2 and the full-bodied voice 3.

(Image credit: Quilter Labs)

The OverDrive 202 also features Quilter-patented tube behavioral recreation technology, a wattage-calibrated Master Volume, an effects loop, a choice of pre or post line out, a speaker-tapped direct out and a universal switching power supply that self-adjusts to worldwide voltages.

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