Sick Riffs: Tobi Morelli teaches you the crazy low-end dexterity of Archspire’s Join Us Beyond

by GuitarDomain

Sick Riffs #63: We’ve supplied you with your fair share of death-metal guitar lessons over the course of our Sick Riffs series. But prepare yourself, as the sonic onslaught continues today, with tech death-metallers Archspire.

Guitarist Tobi Morelli joins us to walk you through the riff of Join Us Beyond, taken from 2014 album The Lucid Collective. You’ll need a seven-string to tackle this monster as it appears on the record, as it makes thorough use of the low B string. Although, as Morelli says, “If you have a six-string, you can either tune down to B standard, or you can just play this riff in the tuning you normally play in and just have fun with it!”

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