Sick Riffs: Ben Lee of actor/musician duo Radnor and Lee shows you the gorgeous acoustic line of Welcome to Our House

by GuitarDomain

Sick Riffs #62: It’s no secret that many high-profile actors are also talented guitar players – we recently charted nine of ’em. Two who didn’t appear on the list, but perhaps should have, are Josh Radnor – best known for playing Ted Mosby on How I Met Your Mother – and Ben Lee – primarily a musician, but with an acting credit playing the lead protagonist in Australian film The Rage in Placid Lake. Both make up indie-folk duo Radnor and Lee.

The pair have released one album to date, with a follow-up entitled Golden State scheduled to drop tomorrow, June 19, 2020. Here, Lee joins us for this special episode of Sick Riffs to show you how to play the record’s closing track, Welcome to Our House.

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