by GuitarDomain

Lockwood Barr released her newest single “Best Bad Decision Maker” today. The song reminisces on every time the artist threw caution to the wind and embraced spontaneity growing up. Co-written with Jamey Perrenot and Aly Cutter, the single pushes listeners to embrace their wild, childlike side. 

“The writing process felt more like cutting school to have fun with friends than working,” Lockwood said. “We started talking about our childhoods and all the epic times we got into trouble. We realized we all had someone – an older sibling or a friend – who taught us how to break rules and be mischievous.” 

Lockwood’s best bad decision was using her older sister’s I.D. to play venues around Nashville when she started in music. “That’s how I got my first gigs in town, and it was so worth it,” Lockwood said.

From smoking parents’ cigarettes to sneaking out late at night, Lockwood Barr covers every bad decision young (and old) people make. She’s proud of those crazy times and sees them as the moments that built her into the woman she is today. 

“I hope this song inspires kids to be spontaneous and have fun. If they’re adults, I hope it inspires the same. Life if too short to take yourself seriously all the time,” Lockwood said.

Fans can listen to the song on all major streaming platforms now. 


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